The Most Comprehensive Psychometric Sales Assessment Tool

Take our Sales Star Inventory (SSI) assessment test and receive a startlingly accurate insight on the behavioral, aptitude, and motivational values that affect the performance of sales professionals. 

Insightful Assessment of Selling Styles, Skills, and Motives

Gain insight into your natural tendencies to sales situations, behavioral habits, sales IQ, values, and overall motivation and how it affects business performance and success. With over 13 years of proven results and used over 17 countries, your reports are compared with a sizable industry sample to give you useful insights. 


Find out your attitudes and aptitudes toward a specific sales role. Determine your natural selling talents, sales skills, and compatibility with customer types, supervisors, and colleagues.

Predictive Analytics

Sales Star Inventory (SSI) provides organizations with detailed and meticulous reports that feature sales competencies, disposition types, role compatibility, and performance, so that HR Managers, Sales Professionals, Business Owners, and Sales Leaders can maximize the productivity in their employees, departments, and overall organization. 

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