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We're a holistic psychometric sales assessment solution.

Take our Sales Star Inventory (SSI) assessment test and receive a startlingly accurate insight on the behavioral, aptitude, and motivational values that affect the performance of sales professionals. 

What is Sales Star Inventory?

Why Choose Us

What makes Sales Star Inventory different?

Turbocharge Your Sales Teams

Sales Star Inventory 3.0 was designed with the sole purpose of helping you turbocharge your sales team for further success.

13 Years of Proven Track Record

SSI has had 13 years of success in aiding organizations and sales professionals achieve better closure rates and sales conversions.

Holistic 3-in-1 Sales Assessments

SSI reveals the behavioral, aptitude, and motivation values of individuals to give in-depth insights of sales professionals.

What to Expect

How does Sales Star Inventory work?

Psychometric Level A & B Profiling

SSI is based on The Sales Intelligence Methodology and is enhanced from DC Colour Brain Science.

Flexible and Adaptable

SSI is an adaptive tool that helps sales professionals maintain a stronger closure rate and increase customer loyalty.

Sales Talent Development

SSI uncovers dispositions, strengths, and values that HR Managers, Sales Professionals, and Business Owners can use for Sales Talent Development.

Our Clients

Many Fortune 500 organizations
choose Sales Star Inventory.

Insightful Assessments
of Selling Styles, Skills,
and Motives

01. Get insights on natural tendencies to
sales situations, behavioral habits,
competencies, values, and overall motivations

02. Discover your salespeople's attitudes
and aptitudes toward a specific sales role

03. Receive detailed and meticulous
reports with thorough predictive analytics on sales performance

Case Studies

SSI has helped many organizations and
companies increase their revenue, achieve
great business outcomes, receive impactful
ROI, and establish a systematically effective
approach to recruiting, hiring, and training.

Raymond Phoon

Creator of Sales Star Inventory

The Dream Team

SSI has grown tremendously in the past 13 years. We’ve had many exceptional partners work with us in globalizing our psychometric assessments in countries all around the world. Check out how you can become an SSI partner today!

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