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The Sales Star Inventory (SSI) was created by Raymond Phoon and introduced in his book, “The DNA of a Sales Superstar”, 2009, which was clinically adapted from the Directive Communication Psychology Colored Brain Communication Inventory by Arthur F Carmazzi. The Colored Brain Model is a part of the Directive Communication Psychology developed by Arthur F Carmazzi, and depicted in his original Book “Identity Intelligence”, by Veritas Publishing, 2002. 

That was the beginning of SSI version 1.0 which provided the original sales insights from a sales professional’s disposition range (selling perspective).

SSI, currently in its third edition, is available for both online and offline administration. SSI 3.0 includes insights related to behavioral traits, sales personality types, sales competencies (16 sets), motivational drive (with over 40 different values measured) and job fit matching.

Psychometric Level A&B Profiling

SSI is based on The Sales Intelligence Methodology and is enhanced from DC Colour Brain Science.

Flexible and Adaptable

SSI is an adaptive tool that helps sales professionals maintain a stronger closure rate and increase customer loyalty.

Sales Talent Development

SSI uncovers dispositions, strengths, and values that are used by HR Managers, Sales Professionals, and Business Owners as a system for Sales Talent Development.

Holistic 3-and-1 Sales Assessments

SSI reveals the behavioral, aptitude, and motivation values of individuals to give in-depth insights of sales professionals.

The Book That
Started It All

The DNA of a
Sales Superstar

The DNA of a Sales Superstar

There are a lot of books out in the market that give expert advice and help on enhancing your sales skills; be it about prospecting, cold-calling, presentation or on closing. But few provide insights about the identity of the salesperson.

The term “Sales Identity” used in the book is defined as what makes an individual the salesperson that they are. Their identity in this sense consists of what makes them unique as an individual and different from others. It is the way they see or define themselves and the network of values and convictions that structure their life and their sales persona.

If you are a sales professional, entrepreneur, business-owners or play some form of customer facing sales role, this book is written specifically for you.

The content of this book is a result of years of observing and working with thousands of sales professionals, as well as managing countless of sales development projects with leading brands all over Asia.

The DNA of a Sales Superstar embodies a sales person’s essential characteristics, influential persona and high impact behavioral habits needed to become a Sales Superstar. More importantly, it takes a complex but important topic, and breaks it to understandable and practical elements that you can immediately use in your daily sales effort.

The Mind Behind it All

The Mind Behind it All

Raymond Phoon is a Sales Psychologist, Motivational Speaker, and Leadership Coach with an extensive background in areas of sales, marketing, leadership, and business within the Technology, FMCG, and retail sectors of MNC giants across the globe.

He is the founder of PowerUpSuccess.com, the brainchild behind The Power of I concept, the creator of Sales Dynamics, a revolutionary model for activating high performance selling workforce, the developer of Sales Success Strategies Power Cards and The Sales Star Inventory™ profiling tool, and the founder of The Sales Dynamics & Transformation Model, a powerful and practical performance and self-improvement system for developing sales professionals; as well as a AIOBP (USA) and Six Seconds (USA) EQ accredited trainer.

Click below to learn more about Raymond’s affliations and accredidations.

Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant

Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant

Recognized as one of Asia’s leading speaker, trainer, and transformation consultant, Raymond has worked with thousands of professionals from leading MNC organizations in the areas of business improvement, life transformation, strategic differentiation, and selling breakthrough.

He is a keen contributor in world-class forums, business networks, and industry publications; and speaks regularly at mega conferences, business kick-off conventions, senior leadership programs as well as TV/Radio interviews, across the world.

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Sales Star

Sales Star Inventory

SSI is currently Asia’s only comprehensive level A & B psychometric profiling and assessment tool for sales and customer-facing professionals that provides invaluable insight and empowers organizations and professionals in the area of both Selection and Development. Additional optional tools include candidate selection matcher, industry bench-marker, development needs analyzer, as well our customized management system for corporate use.

SSI has a proven track record with partners and clients in its ability to deliver world-class results. It is steadily gaining reputation and recognition of being a dependable and credible tool for profiling and sales assessing sales professionals too.

It’s been used in over 17 countries and is available in six languages including English, Bahasa Malaysia, Indonesia, Chinese, Thai, and Arabic. SSI also has an SSI Gold version, which has a full 34 page comprehensive report with detailed development plans. 

Recommended by HR, sales managers, sales professionals, and sales consulting experts.

SSI can be used to help elevate and improve productivity to reach its peak in any sales role.

Validated against sizable sample size across Asia and the Middle East.

Having a collection of statistics makes it easier to compare the results across the normalized group across Asia and the Middle East.

The only tool in Asia and the Middle East that assesses behavioral, aptitude, and motivational values.

SSI provides all three elements in one, rather than in three separate tools.

Has a practical and sufficient micro-level details that can be leveraged for actual training improvement.

SSI is a sales-scenario specific tool.

It’s a surface valid tool and is offered in SSI Certification that is endorsed by American Institute of Business Psychology.

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